Tetruss Suspension Rig with Spreader

Tetruss Suspension Rig with Spreader

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Tetruss is the Rolex of Shibari rigging, with solid aluminum alloy construction and collapsible design. This is the original Tetruss Shibari rig upgraded with a 48" spreader bar used for suspension, hanging, cuffing and more.

Suggested uses:

  • Suspension bondage rig
  • Shibari bondage
  • BDSM suspension
  • Sex swing
  • Spanking bench
  • St. Andrew’s cross
  • Non-rope suspension using the stirrups, cuffs, and spreader bar in a wide variety of configurations.

Product weighs under 23 pounds. Rated to support 300 pounds. 8 foot tall.

Please use responsibly.